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brake repairAs a driver, you depend on your brake system more than you think, yet it is the most neglected component on your vehicle. If your braking system is not functioning properly, you are putting yourself and your passengers in danger. Here at Carfix, our technicians will do an inspection on your braking system and look for any signs indicating that your system needs repair. Of course, the driver has the most upfront information regarding the vehicle and whether or not it has any issues.

Common signs of brake failure

There are many components that make up the braking system that includes the disc brake rotors, brake pads, and calipers. All these parts make up the fundamentals to the entire braking system. If any of them are not working properly, you have a problem. Some things you can look for:

1. Noisy or squealing brakes

One of the most obvious signs that you need to have your brakes inspected by one of our technicians is noise. If the rotors are worn out or possibly warped, they will make squealing or a scraping noise. If you hear an abnormal noise when you brake, bring your car into our shop as soon as possible.

2. Feeling Vibrations from the brakes

You should have a smooth stop when you brake. If you feel vibration when you brake, this is evidence that your rotors may be bad. You should have them inspected before more damage is caused. Sometimes the rotors can just be turned while at other times they need to be replaced. Replacing your rotors can be costly which is why you should always have them checked out if you do not feel that effortless stop when the brakes are applied.

3. Your brake light is on

Your car or truck has a very sophisticated computer system. When you see a light on such as the brake light, this is an indication that there is something wrong with your brakes. You should not take this warning lightly. It is in place to inform you of failure in your system. It is best to have it checked out immediately. It is not advisable to drive the vehicle because it can be dangerous.

Whether you are out of brake fluid or you need new brake pads, trust your car to Carfix. We will inspect your vehicle and run diagnostics to accurately find out the problem.