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engine repairThe engine is arguably the most important component of your vehicle. Without it, your car would essentially be useless. In order to keep it running the way that it should, it needs to be properly maintained. When issues start to present themselves, repairs can be made to prevent total engine replacement. That’s where Carfix in Raleigh, North Carolina comes in. Our team of certified expert mechanics is here for all your engine service and repair needs.

Engine Maintenance

The easiest way to keep from spending money on expensive engine repairs and replacements is by having your engine serviced on a regular basis. An engine is made up of components that age and wear and, over time, may need to be replaced. Letting them break down completely can wreak havoc and cause a lot of damage under your hood.

When you have your engine serviced, it gives our technicians a chance to get a good look and thoroughly inspect those components so they can be replaced before they cause a catastrophe.

Some of the things we look at during an engine maintenance appointment include:

  • Spark Plug Replacement – Spark plugs play a big part in the way your engine functions and need to be replaced every 30,000 miles or so. We will also check the condition of your spark plug wires and replace them if needed.
  • Oil Changes – Getting an oil change every 3,000 miles is the easiest way to maintain the integrity of your engine. Engine oil lubricates your engine and reduces friction to keep it from running too hot.
  • Air and Fuel Filter Replacement – Your filters work hard to keep your engine clean, which means they get pretty dirty and need to be changed regularly.

While there are general guidelines and rules of thumb for how often you should have your engine serviced, those vary based on factors including your vehicle and driving habits. The best way to determine the schedule that is right for you is to consult one of our expert mechanics.

Engine Repair

Strange engine noises, movement, or behavior doesn’t mean it is the end of the road for your engine. With proper diagnosis and repair; it can be back up and running like new. When you bring your car to Carfix for an engine repair, you can trust that you are putting your engine in the hands of experts who will put you and your vehicle first.

Whether you need to have your engine serviced or it needs a complicated repair, Carfix is here for you. Our full-service auto repair shop is staffed with highly-trained, certified technicians and we are equipped to handle all of your engine’s needs.