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oil changeFrom import cars to domestic trucks, oil changes are essential to keeping your engine running. Here at Carfix, we believe that scheduling regular oil changes is the simplest thing you can do to give your engine a long life.

Car engines are complex machines with many moving parts. In order for those parts to move smoothly, they need to be lubricated properly. If you fail to get regular oil changes, you are putting your engine at risk of damage. Over time, oil that sits in the engine too long gets tainted with debris like dirt and dust. This oil can no longer lubricate the engine’s parts to keep it functioning like it should, which causes corrosion in your engine.

Our technicians at Carfix recommend that you keep your car on a schedule of regular maintenance. How often you should get your oil changed depends on many different factors. You should reference your owner’s manual to see what your car’s manufacturer recommends. How much you drive is a good indicator on how often you should get an oil change. It is recommended that most cars have an oil change done between 3,000 and 5,000 miles.

The importance of oil changes:

You have probably heard that you need to get your car’s oil changed regularly. But why is this so important?

  • Your engine’s parts need lubrication to run properly – Without clean, proper oil, your engine cannot run efficiently.
  • Regular oil changes help keep your engine cool – Keeping your engine cool with regular oil changes increases oil longevity.
  • Changing out the oil regularly helps move debris – New oil can help remove engine buildup and other contaminants that can cause corrosion.
  • Save on fuel – Regular oil changes will help your engine be more fuel efficient.
  • Gives your engine a break – When you get your oil changed regularly, the engine is lubricated as it should be, and all of the moving parts are running smoothly. As a result, your engine does not have to work as much, giving it a longer life span.

Trust your car to Carfix! Our technicians will take good care of it. We also make it convenient for you by offering a shuttle service, a comfortable waiting room, online appointments, and even a loaner car. Drop by today to get the best service in town!